6Pro: So glad I upgraded!

I’m age 70 and not too tech-savvy. I had been using 6Express. I briefly tried 6Pro and was intimidated by some of its features, so I went back to 6Express. Freeway Tech Support was helping me with some problems and gently nudged me back to 6Pro.

I am SO glad they did. I quickly survived the new learning curve. Just having the ability to edit Styles and to create custom, new ones makes 6Pro a winner. In 6Express the website was bogged down with almost 800 styles(!), with no way to edit them. In 6Pro (with its Styles editing capability) I am doing the same 290-page website with only 27 Styles. And it is looking much better.

I am totally a fan of Freeway 6 Pro and recommend it to all.

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