A few amateur questions: Freeway and Flash and Dreamweaver

Thanks to everyone who can answer these questions as I know these are probably very basic.
I have been using Freeway for about one month now and I have some questions to get the most of out of my experience.

Is it possible to take content generated on flash and insert it into a Freeway site? Is it possible to view Freeway sites in Dreamweaver to edit the code manually? Is it possible to view and edit Dreamweaver sites on Freeway?

Only reason I ask is because it seems like Freeway doesn’t do quite enough for what I want to do, and I would really like to integrate all three pieces of software.

I notice that after I upload all of my Freeway sites, and I go to view the sites on a PC, my whole page is filled with “itembc4d” messages when the mouse rolls over an image part of the website. Is there anyway to fix this to where I can program what it will say when the mouse rolls over that particular piece of text?


Is there any possible way to know for sure that all my photos and graphics are uploaded to the website at 100% quality? I know that Freeway cuts down a lot of pictures to make for easier and quicker viewing, but I don’t have too much to upload, and I hate suffering picture quality.


Is there any way to control the margin colors of the page? That is, the color of the background BEHIND the webpage you have created? If you create a website at 700px by 700 px, for example, a high resolution monitor will show a lot more of whichever background color I select. I have seen many sites have different images or colors in the margins. Does anyone know how to fix this?

#5, The most complicated…

I have seen sites before that have a very consistent header with a navigation bar. When links are clicked, only the parts under the navigation bar change. I know that I can use a master page to program every page to look similar, especially in the header part… but…
When I click on the links for the navigation bar, the new page “resets” and opens scrolled all the way to the top. I would like my page to stay in the same position when someone tries to move around. The only solution I see to this is to put the Navigation Bar on the top of the page so that the user would be forced to be scrolled all the way up in order to change the page.

This explanation is fairly vague and I would be more than happy to elaborate if it doesn’t make sense.


Here is my Page…

Top of the Page
Image with Logo
Some text
Navigation Bar that goes horizontally across the screen.

If the user is scrolled down so that only the Navigation Bar appears at the top, and then clicks on one of the links… They will be redirected to another page on my site, but reset so that their screen top is the Top of the Page.

Thanks for all the help. I shall do something nice for someone who can answer these questions.

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