A new convert to Freeway, observations

I spent yesterday, training a friend in the techniques of Freeway. On
Saturday he was complaining about a project he was struggling with in
GoLive, all I wanted at the time was to concentrate on the Hammershøi
paintings at the RA, I said you’ve got to look at Freeway, you’re used to
Quark the concepts are just like that. Sunday he grabbed a 30 day trial, and
said that’s an interesting app I’ll have a go with it.

Tuesday he was struggling Š I said come out to Oxford and I’ll give you a
crash course Š you get me lunch, that was yesterday.

One of the most compelling memories of the day was his continuous comment
“I’ll give you another £5 that’s just saved me Š xxx” Things like making
graphics buttons, rollovers CSS menus and that fact that you just don’t have
to go out to other apps to do things. Another £5 for drag-dropping .PSD and
.AI files right onto the page. Another £5 making links, etc.

I went on a GoLive 2 day training course, admittedly a few years back and
remember nothing useful about it other than trying to get my head round a
very arcane way of linking and and working with a new UI.

That’s where Freeway scores it’s pretty easy to get started, but as you want
more, you discover the layers of complexity that allow you to tune your
design pretty much the way you want it, barring the vagaries of different
browsers that do get in the way!

So he drove back to London last night head buzzing but happy to have found
Freeway, and as a precaution his MacBook Pro setup with Remote Management
activated so I can help him ;~}}

Best wishes Peter

Peter Tucker, Oxford UK email@hidden

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