If sites are created using a particular version of an action… then a
few months later an update of this action is installed… how can we
make sure that the original sites are made a little future proof.

For example. One of my sites uses the Lightbox action in a lot of
different places and every few months I return to it to make subtle
changes for my client. It appears I have installed an update to the
action which no longer allows the previous version to work, so what
was a subtle change is now going to take quite a while. And I wasn’t
aware until my client called to say these elements weren’t working. If
I have quite a few sites like this then I’m not going to be able to
keep everything updated.

Is it possible to install new actions (or rename them) so that when
they’re installed they don’t replace the older actions and break the

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Freeway will only allow one version of any given Action per install of Freeway, and it will only enable the “latest” one if it finds more than one with the same name.

You might be able to get around this by creating another Mac OS X user and using that user to run the newer or older version of the Action, but that’s a huge and clunky work-around that has loads of spill-over into project management, etc.

I don’t have any solution for you besides working out what the necessary layout change is and updating the sites to accommodate that change as you edit them. Progress can be a real pain.


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My suggestions are;

First, remove the old action from FW before you install the new version to avoid conflicts of possible duplicate code.

Second, always use an archived version of your FW site whenever you change to a new action version just in case things go cablooy.

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