ActionsForge update

Anyone who has had difficulty in downloading files from ActionsForge
using Safari (files come down with an html extension added) will be
happy to hear that I found and fixed the bug.

Files were being marked for download without a full path to the file
(the system works out what file you are trying to get, and redirects
you to the real file in any case, but Safari wasn’t having any part of
that little pantomime for some reason). This appears to have broken in
one of the security updates recently, but the patch I added (which
just tags the real filename on to the end of the URL) seems to mollify
it enough to work here.

If there is anyone who still has Safari 2 or an older version of
Safari 3 handy, I would appreciate it if you could check to see if
this change is actually a regression or not.

Thanks again,


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