I announced this on the Actions list last week, but I thought it was
time to ring the bell here as well.

In the spirit of SourceForge, RubyForge, GitHub, and other fine code-
library systems everywhere, I bring you ActionsForge. ActionsForge is
designed to be a definitive listing of all Actions available for
Freeway Pro and Express. Of course, right now it contains only a
sampling of that universe.

If you know of any Actions that aren’t listed here, please contact
the developer(s) and give them the gentle “noodge” to post their work
there. Accounts and hosting are free.

If you’ve always wanted an Action to do “foo”, then post an item on
the Wish List and open it up for community voting. You might inspire
a developer to solve your problem, and that makes everyone’s work
that much easier!

If you’ve written an article or long explanation of how to use an
Action, then be sure to post it in the Articles section.

If you’ve written Actions, then be sure to post them. There is also a
snippet of code you can add to your Actions and get automatic version
tracking for free! At any point, your users can push a button in
Freeway and see if they are using the latest version.

This site will become more useful with your support and contributions
of actions and information, so please chip in!

I am hosting and supporting this site as a way to give back to the
community that has supported me for the past 11 years. Thanks to all!


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