Adding a forum to your site?

My client wants to be able to have a forum built that will allow people/user’s to register, and then subsequently leave comments/suggestions and take part in discussions!

My first question is ANY suggestions on the easiest way to build and intergate this?

I’ve looked at site’s like and PhBB which seems cool and are FREE, but having never done this before it all seems a little over my head.

If I create a forum in say PhBB how simple is this to integrate into the site I have built, will it only be accessable through a link/‘click through to forum’ type of button etc, or is it possible to integrate this inside freeway!

I know the latter way is hardest option, but is it possible?

What about hosting, is it hosted through them or is it something I will have to do, I.E placing a new folder inside my FTP will forum in???

I want a forum that will be easy to create, set-up and NOT have me moderate it, therefore it needs to be easy enough for my client ‘novice’ to use and moderate the forum/make changes when they like and possibly have a kinda WYSIWYG element to it.

So basic setup, but still looks good. Am I asking too much?

I know most of the skins you get are quite good, but will not match the look of my site exactly, if I wanted to do this are there’s sites that enable you to download and use multiple skins like myspace templeate etc, where there are hundreds to choose from!!!

Or to change the look is coding required, in which case forget it! haha ha

Any help guys is great and hope this post can help others too!

Also any advice on forums, I obviously use one, but in general what are they like, do they get loads of spam, ar ethery a nightmare to moderate ‘24/7’ or would you simply suggest a blog where people can just leave comments/pics/suggestions etc.


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On 12 Feb 2008, at 10:52, Mr worm wrote:

but having never done this before it all seems a little over my head.

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