Adding Link to text span causes crash

I’m trying to create a new website to replace my old one (done in Freeway). So far, I’ve managed to get several pages that seem to preview cleanly. I want to create links from these pages to others by adding links to text. It seems to work fine when the links are external, but I want to link to other pages that I’m creating. My first attempt today has gone badly. I’ve tried adding a link pointing to a new page to text on one of the pages that seem to work, but every time (7 tries so far) that I try to select the name of the page that I want to link to, XWay crashes. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. As I said, it works fine to add external links, but it doesn’t seem to want to link to a page. I saved the last log when it crashed. If you want to look at that, tell me how to send it to you.

Hi Art,

Thanks for reporting this!

  1. Are you using the latest version of Xway (b2.1)?

  2. If the problem happens in b2.1, can you send me an Xway document with some steps that will cause it to happen?

E.g. 1. Open [this document]
2. Apply a page link to the following text (e.g. a word or phrase)
3. >> Xway crashes

If your Xway document is large, you could duplicate it and remove unnecessary pages from the duplicate. It’s a good idea to zip the document before sending it. Either send it as an attachment to “support at softpress dot com” or put it online somewhere and send a link.


Yes, I’m using b2.1 and I’ll send you the document and steps as you request. I don’t know if it’s “large” (I don’t think so), but I’ll send it to support in the next hour. Thanks!


Art sent me his document and steps, and I’ve replied to him separately, but here is some general information for anyone else who might run into this. This is a bug that is already fixed in our internal builds, but which we didn’t realise was a crashing bug. The bug occurs when a link is applied to a span that contains all the text that is in a paragraph. One way to work around this (for now) is to remove the span before setting the link. You can do this by putting a text insertion point inside the span, and choosing None from the Span section of the Span Inspector. You can add the span back afterwards, but an alternative (that is often better) is to apply styling via default link styles.

We’ll try to release a bug fix shortly (b2.2).