Adobe CS and Leopard

At 23:19 +0000 8/1/08, Brian Steere wrote:

With my Entourage database I drag and drop copy the file to a similar
location on my other Mac. Then open Entourage and the mails are up to date
as of the Powerbook copy.

If my network were wired I might leave it in Time Machine but otherwise it
would be over a Gb every time Time Machine checked. So it makes sense to do
that another way. Thats all.

I have used utilities that backed up mails to text etc. But to make a backup
of an existing running database would want something that can do live
synchronizing. Such as .Mac does.

I realize I am talking the little man here. I appreciate glimpses into
corporate mechanisms but know little of that world.

I’ve never had to deal with Entourage. If it’s like Filemaker then
the disc file will only be in an inconsistent state for brief periods
when it’s active. As you can never be sure when it’s active, taking a
copy at a random time sounds risky. If it’s a single database file,
then maybe a Finder drag waits for and applies a file lock while
copying. That could make it work, but its just a guess.

The files for Oracle and the like seem to be inconsistent the whole
time it is running, whether busy or not. Oracle can be put into a
state where it makes it files consistent, and then continues without
updating them at all, logging all changes to another file. During
this time it performs a backup and then runs all the cached
transactions afterwards. (This is just a simple account of what
happens. I don’t know the detail).


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