Anchors & Hyperlinks

Freeway uses the terms ‘anchor’ and hyperlink’. I muse these alot in my website. I do not see those terms in Xway at all. How do I accomplish the anchor/hyperlink in Xway?

Hi Kittyhawk,

Xway uses “Link” for “Hyperlink”. You can add a link by choosing Link from the Format menu.

You can use box IDs to navigate within a page, without having to set up a separate “anchor”:

  1. Choose a page from the Page popup in the Link dialog
  2. Choose a box from the Item popup (below the Page popup)

“Hyperlink” is the original term, but people generally refer to “links” rather than “hyperlinks” these days.

Ok… If someone can walk me thru it, I’ll give it a try.
Here is what I do in Freeway: I have an item on 'Page 1" that I highlight.
I select 'Anchor" under the Edit Menu and give the item a unique name/number.
I then go it 'Page 2" and select an item I want to link to the anchored item on 'Page 1".
I choose ‘Hyperlink" under the Edit Menu and the navigate to "Page1’ and select the unique name/number.
That it is t - the ‘Link’ is complete.
Now: can anyone walk me thru the process in Xway that will result in the same action.


In Xway:

  1. Select the text or item that you want to set a link on
  2. Choose Link from the Format menu
  3. Choose the page that contains the item you want to link to from the Page popup (“Page 1”)
  4. Choose the item that you want to link to from the Item popup (item on “Page 1”)

It’s basically the same as Freeway, but there’s one less step: you don’t need to set an anchor because the item already has a unique ID.

Thank you. Sounds simple now. I will give it a try.

Ok. I tried the instructions. I selected the item on my Page 2. The pop up appeared. For ‘Link Type’ I chose 'Page". For “Page” I chose ‘Page 1’. For 'Item" there is nothing there to select…

What am I doing wrong?
Do I need to put something in ‘Title’? What are the choices in 'Target"?

Sorry for being such a dunderhead about this, but my current Freeway Pro website has 6000 links like what I am trying to duplicate in Xway.


Do you have any boxes on Page 1 (apart from the page div)?

The Item popup should contain a list of all the boxes on the page that you’ve selected in the Page popup.

My current website has a box (I guess) with text. The next is in the form of a list.
If I create a box in Xway and put a few test items in the box as a list and do the same with the second page when I create a link to the second item (after doing so for the first item ) in the list it goes to the first item. Does every y=text item need its own box?

If you need that level of control, then each text item would need its own box.

But a more common scenario would be to link to a section (or article) on a page rather than to a specific line of text. It’s a good idea for sections and articles to be represented by separate boxes (choose Section in the Type popup of the Box Inspector for sections, or Article for articles, or other types as appropriate).

Do you have a link to your current website?

I think that what I would do is to make each section (e.g. Alvin Lee, Mike Oldfield) into an HTML section. So in the case of Alvin Lee, you would insert a box and set its type to be Section in the Box section of the Box Inspector. Then you would place your list of Alvin Lee recordings within this section. Ditto for all the other recording artists (Mike Oldfield etc.)

In addition, I’d suggest using HTML headings for the section titles: instead of styling each title individually (as a span), you could choose Heading 2 (or Heading 1 if there isn’t a higher level of heading) from the Type popup in the Paragraph Inspector. Then you can set the style for Heading 2 (or whichever heading level you use) to match what you’re using in your current website (bold, underlined etc.) In. Xway, you do this by setting a default style for the heading, using the Default Styles section of the Page Inspector (for a master page), or the Default Styles section of the Document Inspector (for every page in the document).

The advantage of using HTML sections and headings is that your website becomes more accessible to people using screen readers etc., and you can change the style of headings in a single place (Default Styles section of the Document or Page Inspector).