Another CSS menu weirdness

I’m still trying to get a CSS menu to work reliably, since I’d really like to use them. So far, no luck on the reliable part…

Here’s a site I’m just starting (not all the buttons are linked yet)

On the home page you will notice a CSS menu. Works fine.
Mouse over BRANDS -see HITACHI has a white/Green BG and the TV page linked to it does also. So far so good.

Select BRANDS-HITACHI-Hitachi P50S602

Once on that page, you will see that if you mouse over the BRANDS CSS menu again, there is no longer a WHITE BG behind the word Hiatachi-- you see through a clear box to the page underneath (until the green hover color comes in).

This also happens on the Panasonic pages.

My question is Why?

These pages were DUPLICATED from the Master page (as all pages are in this case) and this “error” does not occur on the other pages.

I’ve remade the pages from scratch 3 times. The error does not appear in the FW preview-- it only appears only when the site is uploaded and actually viewed in Safari and Firefox.

Just can’t see why this is happening, especially since the page is generated from a copy of a page that works properly.

Also, I’ve reapplied the master page to see if that makes a difference-- and the problem still occurs.

Any thoughts?

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Well first off it’s hard to read the code because it’s set to “More Efficient.” If it was set to “More Readable” then it’d be easier to locate.

What I see is that you have the “current” page linked to be transparent for a background:

#fwNav1 li a.fwCurrent, #fwNav1 dd a.fwCurrent {
background:transparent none repeat scroll 0 0;

If you don’t have the current page being highlighted in your actions palette tick the box and for your “current” backgrounds make them White. I see this is the case because if you click on the “Request A Quote” you’ll see that it now goes screwy too and Brand’s is back to normal. So it has to be your “current” background selection that needs a background color.

Hope that was it.

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Thanks for spotting the problem DAN, that did the trick.

Checked the Doc Setup also-- OUTPUT was set to More Readable in the prefs on the Master Page, so don’t know about that one-- but all is working now.

Thanks again.

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