Any news of the next Beta version?

Hi Jeremy,
Is there any news of the next beta release?
I was wondering when things like un-ordered lists and mark-up items etc. were on the list of to-do items.
I’ve got to upgrade my MacBook Pro to Catalina soon, which means I will have to run Freeway in Parallels so that I can keep servicing and updating my client’s website while I wait for Xway to be capable enough for me to switch to it.
I have started to build a basic version of the site in Xway, but need a bit more of the functionality of Freeway to make it work as an e-commerce site, (see the original site:, so you can see there’s a lot to do!
I know Xway is work in progress but what you have achieved so far in producing a worthy successor to Freeway is great. It has a similar feel as Freeway.
I’ll be waiting with baited breath and I look forward to the coming updates!

Hi Steve,

The next public beta will probably be in the spring. We’ve been releasing new betas at approximately six-monthly intervals. Lists are fairly high on our to-do list, but they probably won’t be in the next beta. Markup items have been in Xway for some time now (since b1, I think).

Thanks Jeremy, I must pay more attention to the manual!
I’ll look forward to the next Beta!

Will there be any implementation of “Actions” in the future?


We’re planning to look into Actions or some kind of plugin technology in future. Some of the functionality that was provided by Freeway Actions is actually built into Xway.

Thanks for the Actions info.
The more I use Xway the more I realise how powerful it is!

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