Any (professional) users who want to help converting a simple to a responsive site?

For a few years, i have a simple, homemade site (non responsive)
I would like to convert is to a responsive site but i don’t have enough knowledge to make a responsive version, I’m looking for someone to help me with that.
This is my site ;
Thx for reading.
Lieven ( a Belgian user )

Hello Lieven, I cannot see anything when I try to look at your website. Anything wrong with the link?

Hello Frank, don’t know why the link does not work.
Is certainly does when i just type it in the browser…

Hi Lieven, you are right. I can surely help with your site, though I don‘t think it‘ s a good idea to have such a fancy navigation, which literally IS the entire website. If you could send me some pics and help with the text (my flemish/dutch) is more than rusty.
Greetz Frank

Hi Frank, can i contact you by e-mail…?

The best way to contact Frank is to send him a message via the forums: click on his name/image and then click on the Message button. You can share email addresses via a personal message in this way. It’s not a good idea to share email addresses publicly, where other people (including spammers) can read them.