Audio and video not playing

I have successfully uploaded my website, but audio and video on one page do not play. They play on the other pages, and they play on this page using “preview in browser” or “view web preview.”

Can you post a link to the page where this happens?
The audio and video do not play on this page. The other pages are fine.

Hi Leo,

You’ve added a “float: right” extended property to item2. If you remove this, you should be OK.

I checked and I do not have “float:right” on item 2 or any other items on that page. I’ll save, publish, and upload again, in case an old version of this page somehow got uploaded.

Something strange is happening. When I choose “show site folder”, I see what I expect, with correct names for each page. When I go to upload or synchronize in cyberduck, that folder looks different–with template 1, template 2, etc.

If I do a search for “Site” on my computer, it only shows the site folder with templates, and not the one shown by “show site folder.”

The “Site” folder is inside the Xway document bundle, a special folder which is ordinarily displayed as a file and the contents of it will not show up in searches. Show Site Folder in Xway will open a Finder window directly to the folder inside the bundle.

In Cyberduck, find the option for choosing which folder you want to upload/synchronise and open it as if you were going to browse and choose a folder. Instead of browsing to it, drag the word Site from the top of Finder to that window and it should become selected, allowing you to choose the Site folder inside the document bundle.