Best way to blog to raise your domain in searches

Hey Freeway-ers,

I have been playing around with different styles of blogs over the last year or so and am wondering what you think is the best method in order to get your domain recognized by search engines with the words that are included in the blogs.

So far I find you can do blogs about three different main ways:

1.) Run a blog with Blogger or Wordpress, point a CNAME from the host to Google or Wordpress so that you let your blog be controlled by a subdomain (i.e. This method works, I think, but tends to count the text of your blog ONLY with the subdomain and not the regular domain. For example, there are two separate search engine rankings for my website and

2.) Run an iFrame of a blogger blog within a site. This is the easiest way to do things but I don’t think it has any impact on search results whatsoever.

3.) Make a new page on the existing Freeway site everytime you “blog” so that your blog is really a new article on a whole new webpage. This would probably work best but is work intensive and doesn’t allow you the same features such as “pinging” the search engines and FeedBurner and what not.

All I am trying to do is have a blog on my site where I can enter text and photos. The blog would then be crawled by search engine spiders to improve my search rankings within the topics that I blog about.

On that note… does anyone know any good video blogging sites or what the best way to do a video blog would be?

Thanks a ton once again.


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