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Hi All

I have sort of asked this question before but I am trying to get my head round it before attempting to set up a blog for a client (he’s a mate so I have told him his site is the place where I can experiment :slight_smile:

I have watched the Blogger tutorial and I kind of get the gist of it all but…

I understand you have to sign up for a Blogger account and then you copy the website page you have created in Freeway with the Blogger Actions (or rather it’s HTML etc) into Blogger’s template

My question is - does this then mean that basically the layout of my client’s site is recreated on the Blog pages - so for all intents and purposes it will look exactly the same as the actual site - and therefore anyone visiting it will then be able to navigate to the other pages on the site?

If that is so then how does it know where all the graphical elements etc are?

Or is that not the case? Are there any caveats to this in terms of layout on their pages?

And for my client to add content they just log in to their Blogger account and it is then added to their site…

Or is it easier to just have a blog page that is sort of like their site (with logos etc) and just have that open over the top of their actual site…

Thanks in advance


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This might help.

Basically you want to look for the reference to the BASE HREF which you setup in your Document Setup under the Upload tab in the Web Address field.

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