Calling all Freeway Express users

Dear Express users,

We’ve just released an updated version of Freeway Express (5.6.1). It came to our attention that the new features added in version 5.6.0 were only available in Freeway Pro. I would like to take this opportunity to personally apologize to all Express users out there and assure you that the people responsible have been suitably reprimanded and sent down to the Softpress Dungeons to think about what they’ve done.

Note that the only change to Freeway Pro has been a jump in the version number (5.6.1). If you’ve already updated Pro to 5.6.0 then there is no need to update again.

If you bought Freeway Express AS from the App Store the update should be available on the App Store soon.

Freeway Express serial number holders can download the update here:

Many thanks,
Joe Billings

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