Carousel, Freeway and rapid prototyping

I’ve been really enjoying the Carousel action today. I set the delay to 0 seconds so there’s no visible slide, used a CSS Menus structure for the triggers (I just set #name-of-carousel-pane as the link), floated the CSS Menus over the Carousel’s top, where I used different toned HTML boxes in each Carousel Pane to simulate menu item panels that showed which panel was active.

There’s an example at Hyperwords Settings - no form elements work but the navigation tabs function just fine. It is a rough, to be tweaked and filled in with content.

This is to be the in-app preferences for the Hyperwords browser plugin, prototyped and templated using Freeway. It always tickles me how well and fast Freeway can do things when pressed.

(BTW, any Firefox or Chrome users really should try the Hyperwords plugin - - it is astounding.)


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