Caxton (Slight Return)

I installed Caxton on a website I’m working on, followed all the instructions, included the css font file generated by font squirrel in the upload and via the inspector, but even on a PC running Firefox 3.6.8 in my own office, was not able to get it to work.

It was fine on my design Mac, both in preview & when uploaded to web (iMac 3.6 gig core 2 duo running 10.6.4), but I’m assuming Caxton worked in this instance because it was on the same machine I designed the site on.

Eventually I had to resort to setting up a style for the font which would force the graphic character, but since you then can’t use html links, it kinda defeats the object of the exercise. I would be grateful if anyone could look at my coding, and tell me what I’m doing wrong. the site is: and the user name is: wwwthel Password: oskar2704 Many thanks for any help people can offer. I’d really like to get this one working properly. Dick

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