Centre and widths

OK, cap in hand time…

I have built a small site for a B&B.


Look at this page


I have put a screen grab of the layout in FW here


Page is mastered at 800x600. The background is the beige colour with the dark green bars being HTML areas. I would like the page to centre when viewed in a browser and the green to extend left and right to infinity (and beyond…!). I would also like the green bar at the bottom to be the limit of the page. Getting these things to happen predictably though is giving me a right headache.

HTML unlayered boxes should be able to expand widthwise if Width Can Grow is checked shouldn’t they? They don’t for me at the moment, staying resolutely 800px wide. Consequently, if I layer the boxes I know they lose the width expansion capability so I have just made them very wide to compensate which seems a bit of a bodge and how wide does one go? A browser on a big screen will soon reach the limit of my box and the end will be seen. Oh and it is FW 5 I’m playing with. I’m sure I had the Width Can Grow working better in 4 but maybe I’m looking for a scapegoat…

So that’s the width. The bar at the bottom I would like to just sit at the bottom and mark/stop the end of the page. I have it selected and the Inspector settings shown in the screengrab. If I have it as an Absolute layer it sits correctly in relation to the text but in a deeper window the beige then extends below it. So I have Fixed it in the window. Which is sort of OK until the window gets smaller in height. Then the Green bar starts to obscure the text - I would like a scroll bar to appear if possible and the green bar just disappear as the bottom of the page is obscured. Conversely if the bar is Fixed, when the window is made deeper it reveals acres of beige below the text. Why doesn’t the page just stop at 600px?

Grrr, maybe I’m expecting too much but other sites seem to manage this so it must be me missing some very obvious stuff.
Any thoughts much appreciated.