Cross-platform Video Issues

ding! the light bulb finally went off…thanks to all who offered help. i tried it all–and didn’t get results until this weekend. i think the template i selected was keeping me from placing my files correctly via html mark-up. i spent six months trying every single suggestion, and it just was not happening.

joe even e-mailed me a beta action–didn’t work, sadly…

what did work:

i re-read this thread and finally realized that my web compression software On2 Flix Pro also has skins, so i loaded a .swf into a .swf skin via the On2 program, and voila, drag n drop ease! just like cosjr described using Vertical Moon. thanks, cosjr!

the issue that i see with Vertical Moon (besides the fact that i already own On2) is potentially one of quality–using On2, i can compress straight from an FCP reference file, so it is only a single compression…i don’t know whether Vertical Moon can do that or not. but On2 is the Flash technology licensed directly to Adobe, so you are basically getting Adobe-quality Flash for a much less expensive price, since you are paying for compression software, not animation software such as Flash 8. the On2 compressions are very clean and the quality is good.

you can see the results in my recently uploaded zombie film:

happy halloween, everybody and thanks for all of your suggestions!

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