CSS Menu in FCE5 Hopeless workflow ?

I’ve seen lots of posts regarding this subject, most of the “solutions” refer to the Pro version.

This is the “clumsy” way I need to apply CSS-menu.

  1. Create a Master with CSS menu
  2. preview page
    Most of the time I get an overflow message (No matter if its a blank page or one with content).
  3. On the page I shift the menu-item 1 or 2 pixels or move the item from topmost position to another position and back again (this helps sometimes)
  4. Menu shows ok in preview and browser
  5. it’s ok even if I afterwards reposition the menu-item to the original position ?
    In the meantime hoping FCE doen’t crash in switching from preview to page view (It occurs in appr 50-60% of the switches). So I do a lot of inbetween saves. (I know this is a recognized bug)

Based upon the forum posts, I make sure the menu-item is at the top most position.

Is there a way to position the menu-item firsttime right, so I don’t have to work through each page to get it right ?



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