CSS menus ignore content width

FW 5.5

I have a simple horizontal menu with seven items. Drop dead easy to create as a CSS menu.

I created it very quickly and it worked perfectly, but then I noticed that I had created it ion a normal page, rather than the master. I then selected the object, copied it to the clipboard, yanked the version on the master page and tried to paste in the updated version, only to discover that the clipboard was empty.

I found myself continuing to wonder when multiple undos would appear in FW.

Then I created a new one from scratch exactly as before. The item was identical, with no changes in the styles, settings or in the order that things were done, but for some unknown reason the action is totally ignoring the left and right padding. I get one long string of characters with dividers jammed between. Fixed width does function when specified, but this is unsightly because of the varying character count between menu items.

I’ve since rebuilt this from scratch multiple times in multiple ways but I simply cannot get CSS menus to recognize right and left padding. Everything else works perfectly and I can specify all the other settings.

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