CSS menus

Loving Freeway 5, especially the CSS menus. Can anyone tell help me

I make a horizontal CSS menu, background black, hover orange. It’s on
a site that’s around 800px wide but, as there are only four or five
menu items, the menu bar doesn’t reach all the way across. The only
way to adjust the width of the menu bar seems to be in the Actions
palette, called ‘Main menu width’ in ems. It’s a bit of a blunt
instrument and if I use it to stretch the menu bar, the few links are
spaced too widely apart. Also, if you set the menu bar box to have a
background of black in the Inspector, it doesn’t take.

So I made a black bar that sits behind the menu bar, same height, but
stretching from one side of the page to the other. No problem, except
that if you enlarge the text of the site in the browser, the menu bar
gets bigger but the black bar behind it doesn’t, leading to a ‘step’
in the menu setup (menu+separate bar behind).

Can anyone tell me how to make a menu bar that will have a black
background even after the end of the menu items?

My version is here, so you can see the problem:


Enlarge the text in the browser, and watch the menu bar start to show
outside the black background it’s sitting on.

best wishes

Paul Bradforth


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