Different code seen by Safari and Firefox

This is a general question, and about a vBulletin site rather than a FW one.

I have some access to this site and I’m not the webmaster. It is very
much controlled by the ISP. We do have a ‘content webmaster’. The
problem I’m seeing is behind a login, so I can’t post a link.

One section of a page appears in Firefox but not in Safari. Examining
the ‘view source’ I can see three major differences before passing
the tag. The displayed URL is the same.

The tag sent to Firefox includes an ‘id’; that sent to Safari does not.

The tag sent to Safari includes a style; that sent to Firefox does not.

Also in the section, Firefox receives a <meta robots …> tag,
a comment line, and a line that Safari does not.

Someone has obviously decided that Safari can’t cope with some stuff.
Until very recently it worked the same in both browsers. The version
of vBulletin is far from the latest, so it’s not a change to the
vBulletin core.

The only reason I can see for the server differentiating is if Safari
on an iPhone or iPad can’t cope with the stuff that’s excluded and
the switch is being triggered wrongly.

So my question is - does the experience of those here who code
specifically for Safari on an iDevice match the differences I’m


David Ledger - Freelance Unix Sysadmin in the UK.

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