disappearing pdf resource pages

When I last updated my website (last summer), I had linked to a couple of PDF files (containing articles that I wrote) using Resource links. That worked fine. I’ve recently undertaken an update using the newest version of XWay and those links no longer work. I tried REPLACEing them, but that didn’t make a difference. (The files are located in the same place as before.). Then I tried DETACH and then REPLACE, but that doesn’t seem to do anything. When I try previewing the page, the link results in opening up a blank tab. Is there something subtle in the new release that I’m missing?

Hi Art,

I think you are running into a problem that existed in Xway b2 and b3. This meant that resources that were selected in the Link dialog didn’t get saved correctly. If you added a resource link, it would work fine until you saved and reopened the document. We fixed this problem in Xway b4.

You should be able to fix this in your document by opening it in b4 and re-setting each resource link:

  1. Place a cursor in the link
  2. Click on the Resource popup (which currently says “None”) in the Link Inspector and choose “Other…”
  3. Choose a (PDF) resource from the file dialog

If you save and reopen your document after doing this, you should find that the links have been saved correctly!


I’ve tried that a few times but with the same result. I get a blank tab opening.

Are you able to send us a copy of your document, perhaps via a transfer service (like Dropbox) if it is large?

You could send it to support at softpress dot com


Hi Art,

I opened your document in Xway b4, and the links I found seem to be working OK:

  • “SEE HERE” (twice) on the “Teaching and Demos” page
  • “LINK TO ARTICLE” (twice) on the “About” page

When I preview in Safari, the links open PDF articles.

Are there some other links that I might have missed?


Sorry, I should have told you which pages! Yes, those are the four links. I was previewing in Chrome and they weren’t appearing.

I just tried Chrome and Firefox, and the links work fine (for me).


Thanks. It seems to work in Safari now for me. Maybe I need to clear the cache or browsing data in Chrome. Will try that.

After making some other changes, I finally got the new version of my website done and uploaded today. My host suggests using Fetch to do the upload from a Mac and it did work, but because of my limited understanding of things I had to contact their support to move a few files around so that it would work. That problem was entirely due to my limited knowledge, but I look forward to eventually being able to replace just the changed pages during a website update. I used to do that in Freeway and it let me be more confident about doing regular updates. That said, I’m figuring this out and like the results from XWay. Thanks again for the help. This group is valuable and I appreciate the quick responses!