Dynamic website needed

I work for a print design studio that has a fairly basic website which I have produced using Freeway. We publish an international monthly magazine and require a modern website to help promote it and provide a service to our readers and subscribers. There is an existing website, not made with Freeway, that is in great need of improvement ( http://www.parrotmag.com ).

My employer is looking for a Freeway expert in the Brighton/Worthing (West Sussex, UK) area who would be interested in quoting to produce an advanced website for us that we can partly manage and update on-site.

The website needs to be able to handle worldwide subscriptions, have a secure shop, members forum, classified advertising and some email capturing.

We’re not sure if this is all possible using Freeway, but if anyone is interested, please get in touch.

This is our website (produced in Freeway): http://www.imaxweb.co.uk


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