Early Mac clock

Form Follows Function

Seeing the flip clock reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to
ask Mac people for years.

Back at about MacOS 4 there was a digital clock which looked as if
the numbers were carved blocks that rotated by 90deg, only the then
front face being visible when the turn completed. A digit 1 would be
shown, and then, as if the block had been carved from the side, the
block rotated 90 to reveal the 2. The block rotated 90 again, but
instead of revealing a reversed 1 profile as a real block would, it
showed a 3. Etc.

Imagine a short extruded bar of cross-section ‘2’, lie it across a
band saw table and cut out a ‘3’. Turning the result would give the

It was a very effective look, especially back then. Does anyone else
remember it? Anyone seen anything current like it?


David Ledger - Freelance Unix Sysadmin in the UK.

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