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Dear FreewayTalkers

Every once in a blue moon I write to this list with a reminder of the
rules of engagement.

Aside from the totally obvious (no racist, sexist, personally hurtful
remarks…), we also have an obligation to use the list as a forum for
discussing Freeway and web design issues. Now this allows for wide
interpretation and I for one am always happy to hear little snippets
that may or may not fit the definition, but add color and humanity to
our discourse.

I think though, that the recent threads (C to T) have gone beyond
informing/discussing and have gained a commercial tinge that has started
straying from the nature of the list.

This is not a rebuke to anyone; just an observation from a very thick-
skinned liberal-minded guy… Not everyone can claim to be as
insensitive as me.

Thanks as always to what I consider to be about the best list on the planet,


BTW: We have just quietly released a 5.3.2 update. Enjoy.

Richard Logan
Managing Director
SoftPress Systems Ltd

“You supply the creativity. Freeway handles the code.”

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