Embedded content and the Eolas option

I was looking at the issue of adding extended attributes to embedded content last night and stumbled on an issue.

For example adding the wmode attribute to a QT video.

I was under the impression that all embeds were present in the tag tree as, well, embeds, regardless of the Eolas option and then converted to scripts after end-html. In testing this it appears that Freeway outputs either the embed or the script block depending on the Eolas option regardless of where I jump into the page creation with my action.

Although this is understandable I’m having to add extended attributes twice; once by simply adding to the attribute to the embed object and (gulp) manually appending attributes to the script block once I’ve converted this to text (shudder).

Is there a better way to do this? I’d rather just apply the attributes to the object once regardless of how Freeway finally outputs the code.

Any advice, as ever, is most welcome.


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