Example Xway site

I know using the beta of Xway has its challenges, but even at this stage it’s rather exciting. (Oh sure, also frustrating at times! But definitely exciting.) I’m rather pleased with my efforts on my Mister360 site: https://mister360.co.uk/.

The 360 stuff is shown in iframes and the soft shadows behind boxes are bits of hand-coded CSS added to the CSS Markup fields, but the site is all designed and put together in Xway. As soon as menu building is added to the beta I’ll include some, but it’s fine for the moment. :sunglasses:


Looks great on both a laptop and a mobile. Good work!

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Looks really nice and interesting but it is very slow, scrolling and clips etc. Is this due to Xway? Many thanks.

It’s not slow for me.

I would guess that your hardware is struggling (with the large animated graphics).

It’s certainly not a lightweight site overall, but any slowdown you experience will be down to the high-resolution interactive 360 media and the demands it can put on hardware. It’s not because of Xway. :slight_smile: In fact, the rich media content is all integrated using iframes, as is normal for this kind of media – especially for client web sites.

I’d be interested to know your hardware configuration and what sort of broadband speed you get at the moment; it’s always good to keep an eye on the quality/performance balance!

For me, I don’t have any problems with Firefox or Chrome (both of which have extensions like ad blockers, which can sometimes cause performance problems) but in Safari (where I have no extensions at all) it was dreadfully slow.

I very often see performance problems in Safari that I don’t see in other browsers, which is part of why I don’t use it as my primary browser. Currently I can’t actually load the website in Safari at all.

I do briefly see the page, I think with the “this page was reloaded because a problem occurred” message a couple of times and then the page is replaced with this:

This is a 2019 16" MacBook Pro, Big Sur 11.6 with Safari 15.0

It could be a memory issue. According to Activity Monitor, Keith’s site is using 1.19 GB - more than any other process on my machine unless I open www.allmusic.com, which climbs to over 29 GB in Safari before Safari kills it (allmusic is unusable in Safari, but usable in Firefox if I don’t leave it open for too long). But I don’t have any problems with Keith’s site.

M1 Mac Mini with 16 GB RAM, Big Sur 11.6, Safari 14.1.2.

Heh. That’s quite a lot, I have to admit. But here (16 inch MacBook Pro, macOS Catalina) I have an embarrassing number of windows open in Safari, many with multiple tabs, and the performance with my site is quite acceptable. I should add that I have a LOT of RAM in this Mac. :open_mouth: