Exhibeo not displaying correctly

I’m rebuilding a Freeway site in Xway and have inserted an Exhibeo gallery component into the page to fit full-width. welcome It looks fine on the iMac, including the preview, but doesn’t resize when viewed on a phone or iPad.
I’ve done this before on another site and it works, I’ve even put the gallery from the working site onto the page and that displays correctly. I’ve copied all the settings correctly (I think), so I’m at a loss to understand what’s gone wrong.

Hi Geoff,

I think this is probably an upload problem. Safari tells me that the gallery’s JavaScript and CSS files are missing.

It’s not an iPhone or iPad issue. The uploaded page doesn’t resize when I look at it on my Mac.

Yes, you are right. I wanted to keep the current site going while i tested new pages, and in doing so I failed to upload the CSS and Script folders.
many thanks, onward and upward!

You should be able to test new pages by uploading them to a temporary directory — along with the resources, css, and scripts folders. A simple way to do this is to create a folder within your home directory and upload the test site to that (instead of to your home directory). @simonmanning or @waltd can probably give you better advice though…