[Express] CSS Menu and Layout

Hi I’m pretty new with using Freeway and I’m running into a lot of problems with my Master Page Layout. I’d like to really have things well set, what will expand/stay the same size as a user stretches their browser.

So I have a very simple layout:
header logo I’d like to have stay cenetered with a white background and two buffers to the sides that also have white and expand as the screen streches.

Secondly I have a vertical CSS menu on the left and content on the right, I’d like the content to line up with the edge of the menu.

I’m having trouble that I don’t understand how wide I need my menu to be - I’d like it to be only as wide as the first level’s longest item, but it seems like the submenus influence the width.

Plus how do I force the content to the right to align to the left when I stretch the browser window?

I’m really left scratching my head, do I just use tables? I used to use dreamweaver a lot and did everything in tables, but I thought I’d avoid all of that with Freeway.

Thanks for your thoughts and help,


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