[Express] CSS Menu & Highlight Current Page Quirk

I’m using Express 5.4 with OS X 10.5.7 on a MacBook Pro.

I created a menu using the CSS Menu Action with Highlight Current Page checked. The settings are:

Links: Link-white, Hover-dark blue, Current Page-light blue

Background: Color-dark blue, Hover-white, Current Page-light gray

Border (checked): dark blue, solid, 1 px;
Item Divider: dark blue, solid, 1 px

The issue is that when you hover over the 1 pixel border or item divider of the Current Page link, it is dark blue with white background. When you hover inside the Current Page box, it is light blue with light gray background. So when your mouse moves over the Current Page border, it appears to quickly change color. When I eliminate the border, the issue goes away.

Shouldn’t the Action be designed so the border and item divider are not treated as hover? Or is there some way to correct this? Any comments are appreciated. BTW, I found the issue annoying enough so as not to use the Highlight Current Page feature.

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