[Express] Freeway Express 6.1.2 and video

I recently upgraded to Freeway Express 6.1.2 with the idea of putting a video clip a minute long on the home page. But I only found two options, FLVPlayer and a QT reference movie. There is also a youtube and vimeo option but I do not like these. Of course, there are other (Actions) video players, but it seems they are only for FWPro. So am I correct that the options I listed are the only ones, the rest are for FWPro? FLVPlayer is okay, but I have not been able to upload it so it has controls (stop, start, enlarge, mute), just a big pointer to get the video going and when it gets going, it won’t stop till it ends. Advice please, are there other options or do I have to begin to consider buying FWPro (after just upgrading to Express 6) Thanks, Marcos

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