[Express] No Order Email from Mal's Shopping Cart

I built an e-commerce site for a client using Freeway 5 Express and Mal’s free shopping cart. My client recently had her first sale. But Mal’s shopping cart did not send an email to the seller with the order details, nor did it send a confirmation email to the buyer. Paypal sent an email to the seller, but it contained no order details. I did select the email notification options in the cart setup at Mal’s. I’ve made three test purchases, and though the cart appears to be working, and Paypal allows me to pay, the seller never knows what I ordered.

I found a reference in Mal’s FAQs that said no email will be sent unless the final page in the buy process is hosted on Mal’s server, but it didn’t say how to do that. I didn’t find it in the Freeway manual either. Since I’ve used Mal’s shopping cart on three different e-commerce sites, I’m understandably worried that I’ve missed a key step. Does Mal’s have a canned final page that I missed? Or do I build a “thanks for your order” page and somehow upload it to Mal’s server?

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