Expression Engine css switcher

Hi All,

I have used the EE css switcher plugin to provide a HiViz accessible
style for this website <

which works. I am now trying to do the same on this website but
cannot get it to work <
the only difference that I can see is that when setting up the
MireBeck site I accidentally used separate resource folders whereas
the methodist site was set up using a common resource folder. I have
tried to change the resource folder to separate but all my paths
images don’t change to find the subfolder resource folder. I think
that the problem may be in having the two CSS files in the smae place
that shhet1 override the HIViz one. When thees are in different
resource folders as in MiresBeck it works.
Can anyone shed any light on where I may be going wrong and is it
possible to change the output of a site from Common to Separate
Resource Folder?



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