Favicon issue on index page

On 17 Nov. 2007, 1:10 am, diarbyrag wrote:

the other pages are fine and work properly just not the favicon for the home page.

I found that if you just upload the favicon.ico with Transmit or whatever to the same folder as your index page (ie the root folder ) - and do not use the action - that browsers will load it anyway by default - i think ?

PS ‘WHAT THE’ Nice site btw. but you do not appear to have a DESCRIPTION tag , I’m just curious does the ‘create by’ tag replace it ?


As far as I know, IE is the only browser that looks for the favicon without being told where it is. The thing about Safari is that it caches the favicon locally and is incredibly aggressive about using that cached icon whenever you are even remotely in the same domain. It can even cache the lack of a favicon, in my experience.

I have had icons get “stuck” like this in Safari, and the only way to get out of it is to go into your cache file and start deleting things. I use Onyx for that. There’s a specialized application called Safari Icon Manager, but it doesn’t work in Safari 3 yet.


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