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From: ROBERT BIRNBACH <email@hidden>
Date: September 22, 2008 12:25:21 PM PDT
To: email@hidden
Subject: Re: Flash movie control

it seems to play a flash movie when i load the site it has the sound of breaking glass?

On Sep 22, 2008, at 11:47 AM, rebeccintosh wrote:

Hi Walter, I’m sorry, I had to jump and finish off two projects before I continued on with the javascript - Flash issue.

I was messing around with it this weekend, but I’m still not getting it to work, so if you happen to have an opportunity to look at it, that would be great. I have everything set-up as discussed above (graphic links to hyperlink). Flash movie is placed on page with html box. I even have the ‘upload stuff’ action uploading the swf file. The first action frame in my Flash movie is stop(), and the next one is (play). Perhaps I have done something incorrect (or haven’t done anything at all with the ‘ID’ name. I don’t know what or where you would set that. When I hit the company logo to fire the flash movie, nothing happens.


(it’s set-up just on the homepage right now)

thank you for all you help, Rebecca

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