Font & font Sizing

Xway lists font sizes as small, medium, large, etc.
Can I input the sizes as, say, 12pt. 9pt?

I use Verdana in my site, but do not see it in Xway. How do I obtain that font and install it in Xway?

Hi Kittyhawk,

Yes, you can type 12pt in the Size field. Xway also supports other CSS units beyond those supported by Freeway. Note that points and pixels are different in CSS (and Xway), but are treated as equivalent in Freeway: in some cases, Freeway outputs points as pixels. There are 72 points to an inch (CSS, Xway, Freeway) but 96 pixels to an inch (CSS and Xway), so points are larger than pixels.

You can use Verdana in Xway by choosing Other… from the Font popup and typing Verdana as the Font Name. Verdana is a sans-serif font, so you should also choose Sans-serif from the Font Type popup, and you should probably list some alternative fonts such as Helvetica. If you want to use the exact same fonts in Xway as in Freeway, you can copy the definitions that are in Freeway’s Edit Font Sets dialog. Verdana is a font that Microsoft used to distribute with Internet Explorer, so you could rely on most people having it available when Internet Explorer was the dominant browser on PCs and Macs. That isn’t the case any more, and I don’t think Verdana is installed on Macs by default. Xway also supports web fonts, which browsers can use when users don’t have a particular font installed. These will work in most browsers, although it’s possible for users to disable web fonts if they want to.

I may be wrong about Verdana not being installed on Macs by default, since it’s included in a list of fonts that are included with Monterey. A quick web search suggests that it may also be available in iOS and Android browsers, although that’s not the case with some of the other fonts that Microsoft used to distribute with Internet Explorer.