Force download won't work

Hi Marcus,

I see that the DOWNLOAD link is to a PHP page, clicking it ends up
reloading the same page while copying the link and pasting it into the
address bar of a new tab results in a blank page. This tells me that PHP is
working (otherwise I would see a blank page in both cases, or the PHP code
in both cases) and it’s most likely redirecting to the referrer, the page
that linked to it.

My memory is a little hazy on the subject but it’s telling me that using
multiple location headers (redirects) isn’t possible; the browser will
either see the first location header and redirect to that or the second
will replace the first, so the browser will ignore the first and redirect
to the second. This would suggest that redirecting to the referrer can’t be
done as well as redirecting to a file to download, so I’m not sure why the
PHP is redirecting to the referrer at all.

None of that really helps you find a solution yet but it might indicate one
of two things:

  1. The PHP produced by the Action might be erroneous, redirecting to the
    referrer when it shouldn’t, or
  2. Your host doesn’t allow you to use PHP but the server processes PHP,
    replacing the contents of your PHP file with a redirect to the referrer.

The second seems extremely unlikely to me, the first doesn’t seem
particularly likely either though. Unless it’s a default behaviour when it
doesn’t like how the Action has been set up in the Actions palette, instead
of not publishing.


On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 12:33 AM Marcus Do Carmo email@hidden

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a website and decided to use the action “Force Download
PHP” to download a document. I’m not sure I did it correctly. I linked the
PDF file to the action and also enter a space before and after the action
to add some style, but when you click on it, it won’t download the file or
do anything.

On preview it says “Upload your site to a PHP enabled server to run this
script”. To tell you the true I have no idea.

I even try to save the page as PHP instead of html and nothing…I’m sure
it’s something I am missing

The button “DOWNLOAD” is just under the menu "BIO:

Many thanks in advance,


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