Form - Error & Success Pages

Confusion. I have created a form. Now do I also create pages that says ‘Sorry There Was An Error’ and "Hurray Form Made It’. How does the Form action know about these pages? If it goes to the Error page will it go back to the form for resubmitting?


Hi Kittyhawk72,

Does this help:

No, not really. I have created a form page and selected the page action. Do I save it as html or what? Do I create 2 more pages; one for success and one for error and save them as html as all of my other regular website pages?

I did find a video that explains the process fairly well. I did what was said, but still cannot get the form to work. Will keep trying…

Video Link: Using the Send Form Action in Freeway 6 - YouTube

@simonmanning and @waltd know more about forms than I do…

This article explains all the options for the Send Form Action:

To answer your specific questions, saving your page as html or anything else is fine. The Action uses PHP for the sending of the form data but the Action creates a separate file for this with the form submitting to that file.

For the success and error pages, yes you would create two pages, one for each. After those pages are created, you select them in the Redirection section of the Action’s settings. Like the form page, these can be html or anything else, they’re just pages that the PHP will redirect to when finishing.

Your hosting provider presumably has a dashboard for viewing details about your hosting, billing, etc. and you may be able to find error logs in there. If the Action is set up correctly but failing, you might find something in those error logs which helps to explain why.

One possibility is that your hosting provider has updated to PHP 8, which the Action has not yet been updated to support.