Forms, Spam, and Honeypots

In another thread, we touched on how to guard our forms from spambots without resorting to user-frustration methods like Captcha - Walter brought up the Honeypot trap that is built into the mainstream form actions for FWP… which is sweet.

I, however, am not a fan of how FWP writes form code so I tend to use my own code for forms. I’ve also used BeboSoft’s Forms to Go (PHP) and wanted to share their Honeypot advice for any FWP users who use their app.

“Honeypot” form security adds an extra form field that only scripts can see. The theory goes that since they are the only ones who can “see” it, they are the only ones who will try to populate it. Therefore, rejecting form submissions with that human-invisible entry is likely to thwart a large number of automated spam attempts. While only part of a comprehensive anti-spam effort, it is nonetheless super easy to employ.


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