Forum Info LOST?? during Freeway to Discourse Migration

Re the 8/21/21 email we all got from Softpress, re the Forum being migrated from Freeway to Discourse:

After examining the Discourse site, I can see that the Freeway posts have been migrated. But there's a PROBLEM with my posts.

PROBLEM: My last 2 Freeway posts

* "Has Anyone Tried MAC DRAFT ??"
* "Possible Intaglio Replacements"

have been migrated from Freeway to Discourse, but they are greatly TRUNCATED; i.e. most of the information that I wrote -- has been LOST.


* Softpress has NO contact info on their website, that I can find.
* So I tried sending them a message via their Softpress Facebook page about this loss of information.
* But I don't know if I will get any response from them.


This might be an appropriate time to remind people, that there is a MacIntaglio Facebook group that has been created for discussion about possible REPLACEMENTS for Intagio.

[This Facebook Group is just an OPTION -- for those who don't suffer from "Facebook Hesitancy" :slight_smile: ].

The discussion of Intaglio itself, i.e. "keeping Intaglio running" -- should probably be best kept in this existing Freeway/Discourse forum.

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Hi James,

I've confirmed that the post has been imported correctly so none of the content has been lost in the migration, however as you point out, a lot of the content has been omitted when the post has been "baked".

My suspicion is that "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" (used for the headings) has been seen as "everything below here is a reply to some other email" but it might be something else, I'll have to look into it.

Rest assured the content isn't lost, Discourse has all the original emails that made it to the FreewayTalk website so the content on the post will reappear once I figure out why it's being omitted.


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