FreeCounter2 Bug found, fixed

I just discovered a data-loss bug in FreeCounter2. Any archives with
more than 10,000 rows were truncated to the most recent 10,000 hits,
and the others were lost. This limit has been raised to 300,000, which
I sincerely hope will be enough per page per month for any site that
might be using this service.

This brings up another issue, which would affect anyone trying to use
Excel to analyze their historical data. Excel can only open up files
of ~65,000 rows or less. If you need to review a file larger than
that, you will need to split the raw log file into multiple smaller
files. Here’s a command-line recipe to do that; open,
make sure the folder containing your csv file is visible, then follow

  1. Type the following in Terminal: split -l 50000[space]
  2. Drag the file from Finder into the Terminal window. Terminal will
    fill in the complete path to the file in the command line.
  3. Type a meaningful filename for the split files, like too_long or
    something like that.
  4. Press Return or Enter.

In a moment, you’ll see a bunch of files like
‘too_longaa’,‘too_longab’, etc. in the same folder as the original CSV
file. Rename each one to have the csv suffix, and open each one in
Excel or Numbers.

Important notes about that command-line in step 1: the character after
the hyphen is a lower-case L, and the [space] part is meant to be a
literal space, not those characters.

Hope this helps,


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