Freeway 5 to Freeway 7

Hi guys its been a few years and im still running my sites on freeway 5. I’ve just tried to update to 7 but im struggling with the download. I states my imac or software isnt right. I run my Freeway 5 on my old G5 but I want to load my Freeway 7 onto my imac that running OS 10.13. 6 Am I doing something obviously wrong?

thank you in advance Adam

Hi Adam,

Freeway 7 should be fine on any version of macOS from 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) to 10.14 (Mojave). What message are you seeing?

Thanks for replying Jeremy. It looks like I cant even open the zip file do I need a specific extractor?



Mac OS X (and higher) can open zip files natively. If double-clicking doesn’t unzip it, try right-clicking the file and see if there is a contextual menu item labeled something like “decompress”.


It actually doesnt look like its zipped Walter. I’ve had a look in my downloads folder. It states its a app but when I double click it it says it cant be opened -47. I have a late 2013 imac would this make any difference?

regards Adam

I would try downloading it again. You can do this by clicking on the “Download Freeway 7 here” link on our Freeway page:

This should download a file called

Thanks Jeremy, just tried again exactly the same. It just gives me the same file ‘Freeway Pro’ not the ‘’ I would expect.



If you select the “Freeway Pro” file in the Finder and choose Get Info from the File menu, what does it say?

You could also try downloading it with a different browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome instead of Safari).

That did it thank you Jeremy. I downloaded with Chrome. Thank you for your help. I now have to look at my site and see what I have to do to go from 5 to 7. Are they many differences? I will start a new thread if I have any new questions. My site is I run it with Freeway linked to Expression Engine. I recently updated the Expression Engine and cut a lot of fancy bits and bobs on the site to hopefully give the site some longevity. regards Adam