Freeway, databases and...

Thanks – I’ll have a look and keep my eye on MUPromo too!
Hmmm can I use a Spreadsheet to store multimedia?
Never tried before.
If not AppleWorks is abandonware and Filemaker is expensive. Bento is 10.5 only. Are there other Mac choices for holding data in a database that includes mp3 and flash or mp4 as well as image and text- that are not too high to reach!

all the best

Robin Stark email@hidden said recently:

Brian, there is an application called 4W Webmerge. I’m wondering if that would serve your purposes. It costs $99, but it’s been on the MacUpdate Promo and MacZot, most recently, for $49. I bought it about a year ago and have only played with it. I don’t really have anything that requires a database like you describe, but I’m just so sure that I will someday!