Freeway like Photo Stack action replacement

Having switched the website I run for a garden group to Xway some time ago I generally find it good to use and after a lot of trial, and a lot of error, I have now, what is a fairly simple and straight forward site up and running nicely.

There were, however, some things in Freeway that I used frequently and liked that are, as far as I can see, not possible at the moment. Or are they? One of the ‘actions’ that I miss is where it was possible to stack a number of photos, apply an action, the name of which I cannot remember, and they would fade in and out, in order, through through the stack. Is that likely to come in Xway or is it possible, even now, to create that using one of the extended properties or markups? I would be interested to know and how to do it if there is.

Hi David,

You could use Exhibeo to create a slideshow with fade transitions.

Thanks Jeremy. I might try that but it isn’t, in my opinion, as good in this instance as the action that could formally be used in Freeway. I was rather hoping there might be a fairly simple workround to achieve something similar.

If you analysed the JavaScript that is output by the Freeway Action, you could add it manually - but that’s a lot of work compared with creating a slideshow in Exhibeo.

If you want to get out and push (metaphorically speaking) you could accomplish this with a simple nested construction in Xway and some hand-written CSS styles. CSS-Only Carousel | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks


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Thank you both Jeremy and Walter. I will have a look at both although given my somewhat advanced years I suspect what you suggest Walter may be beyond my abilities. Having said that though I have learnt how to operate Xway albeit in a fairly uncomplicated form so perhaps I can surprise myself!

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