Freeway Newsletter - October 2008

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Freeway Newsletter - October 2008

FreewayCast Launched!

Do you want to squeeze out every last bit of goodness in Freeway? Check out the new repository of video tutorials: FreewayCast -

Some of our favorites:

Fading Slideshow -

Google Maps -

CSS Menus -

View the videos, send them to friends, or even upload your own and share in the fun. Head over and take a look!

Featured Freeway Site - Delta Creative

A full-service design and marketing agency, Delta Creative relies on the power and flexibility of Freeway to implement feature-rich and standards-compliant websites for themselves and their customers.

“We considered Freeway Pro the only option for our business when we migrated from desktop publishing to web design. Its interface is fantastic and anyone that has used DTP applications will find the learning curve shallow and exciting. We have been using this software everyday for 6 years and never looked back…!” - Matt Staines, Business Partner - Delta Creative

A gallery of Delta Creative’s work can be found at

Freeway Tips and Tricks

Been concentrating on your design, been too busy to be neat and tidy with your Resources? Why not try the “Save Archive” feature. Similar to the “Collect for Output” feature in QuarkXPress, Freeway will find all the bits and pieces that belong to your site and place them in the correct order in a folder of your choice. So, if you need to find something, or you’re moving your site to a different machine, you’ll know exactly where to find it.

Freeway Templates

We’ve made a number of templates available, both within Freeway and as downloads from our templates page: . We’d love to expand these offerings, eventually creating a user-to-user Freeway template exchange. If you have a great site that you’d like to share, please contact us and we’ll get your template posted on our site (giving you full credit, of course!).

Freeway Moments

Want to learn how to get the most out of Freeway? Try the Freeway Moments video podcast. You can subscribe via iTunes:

Special Offer

Your Creativity + ConceptShare = Better Design. With ConceptShare you can privately share and collaborate on designs and live web pages. Invite customers and co-workers to visually markup your designs and streamline the feedback loop.

Go to Online Proofing Software | Deltek ConceptShare for a special offer for Freeway users.


Our online discussion boards are alive and kicking! Join the discussion about all things Freeway (and Mac) at

Review Freeway!

Are you a member of the media? Do you write for a technology blog or contribute to a podcast? We’d love to have you review Freeway 5. Please contact Ian Schray at email@hidden

That’s it for this time. For more information about Freeway, check out our website at
Thanks for reading!

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Shweet…happy to have a screen-cast of mine be mentioned.

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