Freeway Pro 7.1.4 Timing out on upload to server


I have been having problems uploading a revised version of the Cotswold Engineering Supplies site. I have checked all the upload details and all seems as it should.

I can log on see the files with Fetch so I think it’s something to do with how Freeway’s upload works.
The odd thing is it has been working seamlessly for ages and this is the first time I’ve encountered this problem. I’m using a MacBookPro 2018 and MacOS Mojave.

Any Ideas?..

Hi Steve,

What error are you seeing in Freeway?

You should be able to use the same login details in Freeway as in Fetch.

Unfortunately, Freeway’s upload code is quite old now, and it’s possible that upload could stop working because of a change that has been made on the server end. If you continue to have problems, the best way to work around this is to choose File Copy upload in Freeway (at the top of the Upload dialog) and export your site to a local folder, then use Fetch or another FTP program to synchronise this local folder with your online folder.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the quick reply, I contacted the Hosting provider and apparently they were having some issues with the server that the site was on which resulted in the timing out of the connection.
They have just informed me that the issue has been resolved, although I am still seeing some timing out and connection issues, I’m going to restart my computer to see if that helps.
Thanks for the help, I’ll be starting to move the site over to Xway when I have a bit of spare time!
For your info the screenshot is of the error I’ve been getting:
Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 17.55.36
Hope that helps.

Hi Steve,

That does look like it could be a problem at their end. Sometimes, these kinds of problems take a while to clear, so it’s worth trying again in a day’s time if you don’t have any luck today.

Hi Jeremy,

Yes, it was a problem with the servers in Amsterdam! All is uploaded well now.
I can breathe a sigh of relief and get on with the updates.
Thanks for the help, much appreciated!

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